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My client recently gained a subsidiary. Because of such rapid growth, my client has a clear goal of transitioning both business units into a single set of consolidated internal business applications. Below I have listed the requirements for the Advaned Management implementation and what that will look like moving forward.


  1. Migrate GP invoice data to Netsuite
  2. Implement NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management, including revenue calculation, recognition, and reporting; including but not limited to:
    1. Documentation and definitions on the ARM setup
      1. Guide my client in defining Revenue Recognition Rules, Item Revenue Categories, Revenue Allocation Groups, Item Master, Customer Body and Column fields, ARM Field Mapping, Fair Value Formulas, Fair Value Price List and other ARM functions as necessary.
    2. Create a plan to ensure that total recognized revenue matches original amounts
    3. Create test scenarios to ensure ARM is set up to report on revenue recognition and enough information to identify record discrepancies (User acceptance testing, UAT)
    4. In addition to standard reports, custom reports created for: revenue by department, by product line, by item category, by geography, by industry segment, by contract type
  3. Train business end users on operational processes, from revenue calculation to reporting

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