Blackline Consultant


Blackline Consultants collaborate with clients to comprehend their data sources, analyse data requirements, and craft effective data models. They establish connections between diverse data sets to enable meaningful analysis, creating interactive dashboards and reports using Blackline. These visualisations empower businesses to comprehend their data, spot trends, and make informed decisions. Additionally, they may offer training to end users, ensuring optimal utilisation of the software. Possessing profound knowledge of the software’s functionality, Blackline Consultants troubleshoot issues, devise solutions, and articulate limitations. Strong communication skills, independence, and strategic thinking are essential. Their responsibilities extend to cleaning and transforming raw data into a usable format through tasks like data cleansing, normalisation, and addressing missing or inconsistent data.


  • Finance/ Accounting Knowledge
  • Knowledge of business process flows, requirements and design
  • Experience of using the Blackline
  • Expertise in designing effective data models
  • Ability to understand customer requirements and provide creative solutions
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment
  • Ability to multitask and prioritise tasks efficiently
  • Good problem solving and communication skills

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