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ij hebben een breed scala aan cliënten uit verschillende sectoren, van uiteenlopende omvang en uit diverse geografische gebieden

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So you consider yourself a Modern CIO?

One of my great passions is understanding what makes a good leader. This is a complex subject. What made Jack Welch great, may not be the same as what makes Richard Branson successful and Alex Ferguson revered across the world. Undoubtedly they had similarities. As a CIO & IT Leadership head-hunter, it’s been both exciting […]


I have always found SystemsAccountants to be professional, personable and knowledgeable in the Agresso sector, and would not hesitate to use their services in future projects.
Mark Fountain Agresso Project Lead Easyjet


M&G Investments
M&G Investments

M&G Investments is a leading investment manager with operations in the UK and overseas. It is an autonomous business within the Prudential Group, running its own retail and institutional funds operation and functioning as the asset manager for Prudential in Europe.

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