What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA used to be a database software that offered in-memory architecture, this meant it did not rely on hardrives and could recall data from direct in-memory storage, making your system run faster. However, it has developed even further and is now a multifaceted platform that allows custom applications to be assembled for leveraging maximum database efficiency.

With its AI and machine learning capabilities, SAP HANA allows organisations to handle and process huge amounts of data and provide analysis to gain insights from it. SAP HANA is able to integrate the data generated seamlessly from both internal and external resources. It is also flexible enough to be able to integrate with different types of ERP software an organisation may already be using so that system interfaces are adapted rather than overwritten.

Capabilities of SAP HANA:

  • Data Management Enhancement

SAP HANA’s multi-tier storage architecture offers data integration and data modelling. Data can be integrated from sources outside the SAP HANA software for effective and real-time examination and insight.

  • Advanced Analytics Processing

SAP HANA can incorporate predictive analytics and machine learning into an organisation’s custom applications with its platform, allowing text analysis, graphs and even geospatial features to give a well-rounded view on big data.

  • Database Enhancement

It can offer improvements to data administration and monitoring alongside security and even workload management.

What kind of skills do you need to work with SAP HANA?

Most roles that focus on SAP HANA modelling, consulting or analytics require similar hard and soft skills. Usually a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science or IT will be necessary, but master’s-level education is very desirable to many employers.

Technical skills for SAP HANA:

  • Module-specific SAP knowledge and familiarity
  • Industry-specific knowledge to support customisable software and applications
  • Understanding of data modelling and architecture

Soft skills for SAP HANA:

  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Good teamwork and leadership skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Good understanding of ‘big picture’ systems

Different types of SAP HANA job roles:

  • SAP HANA Architect
  • SAP HANA Consultant
  • SAP HANA Analyst
  • SAP HANA Programme Manager


  • Workday Financials Analyst – Remote – $130,000

    • USA
    • USD120000 - USD135000 per annum + + bonus & benefits
    • Permanent
  • Unit4-ERP Agresso Developer

    • England
    • GBP60000 - GBP70000 per annum
    • Permanent
  • Unit4 Systems Analyst

    • England
    • GBP55000 - GBP65000 per annum
    • Permanent
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