What is TM1?

TM1 stands for ‘Tables Manager 1’ and is now known as IBM Cognos TM1 as TM1 was originally created by Manny Perez at Sinper, Sinper was acquired by Applix, Applix was purchased by Cognos and Cognos was bought by IBM shortly afterwards. IBM added additional updates and improved user experience.

IBM Cognos TM1 is a server software platform with a user server similar to Excel combined with additional web applications. It is typically used for financial planning, forecasting, reporting and analytics as it allows multiple users to make real-time amendments to the spreadsheet for analysis application to scale the enterprise. It is capable of storing and organising mass amounts of data without taking up too much RAM.

IBM Cognos TM1 allows users to combine multiple data sources with inter-departmental or team input to underpin business decision making with detailed data-supported business models. Any user that makes an amendment to any cell can be viewed by all users of the spreadsheet simultaneously, allowing for fast and co-ordinated collaboration and project development.

The IBM Planning Analytics platform, in addition to the TM1 database server, includes an ETL tool, server management and monitoring tools and a number of user front ends which provide capabilities designed for common business planning and budgeting requirements, including workflow, adjustments, commentary, etc.


What kind of skills do you need to work with TM1?

As working with IBM Cognos, TM1 is partly a financial data analysis role and partly application software development and maintenance, so a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Accounting, Finance or related business/technical field is usually required. Other hard and soft skills combine technical and process expertise in accounting with project management, systems management/administration, process customisation, report development, business consulting and software development skillsets across the breadth of all IBM Cognos features, modules and functionality including:

  • Cognos TM1
  • IBM Cognos Analytics
  • Cognos Framework manager
  • Cognos report studio
  • Analysis studio
  • Cognos Executive Viewer
  • Cognos Disclosure Management
  • Cognos Controller
  • Cognos Planning
  • Cognos Command Centre
  • Cognos Integration Server

Technical skills required for working with IBM Cognos TM1:

  • Knowledge of delivering and maintaining IBM Cognos TM1
  • Good understanding of IBM Cognos TM1 architecture
  • Knowledge and experience of financial planning functions and processes
  • Knowledge of Data Warehouse, BI, OLAP, and dimensional modelling.
  • Experience with SQL authoring and RDBMS databases.
  • Understanding of Business Intelligence and Visualization reporting tools like Business Objects, Cognos, Tableau, SAP, etc.

Soft skills required for working with IBM Cognos TM1:

  • Strong time management skills
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills

The different types of IBM Cognos TM1 jobs

  • TM1 Developer
  • TM1 Director
  • TM1 Systems Manager
  • TM1 Project Manager
  • TM1 Functional Consultant
  • TM1 Technical Consultant
  • TM1 Solution Architect
  • TM1 Systems Administrator
  • TM1 Analyst
  • TM1 Administrator
  • Planning Analytics Developer
  • TM1 Application Manager
  • TM1 Specialist
  • Cognos Analytics Reporting Specialist

IBM Cognos TM1 Jobs

  • HFM Internal Consultant – Final Client

    • Spain
    • Negotiable
    • Permanent
  • Customer Success Manager – Performance Management

    • Germany
    • Negotiable
    • Fixed Term Contract
  • Senior Project Manager – Performance Management

    • Germany
    • Negotiable
    • Fixed Term Contract
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