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Business Intelligence Jobs

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the process of leveraging software and tools to analyse data to create actionable insights and processes that can be used to shape an organisation’s strategy and business investments. By creating reports and summaries, Business Intelligence processes complex and disparate data to create compelling and concise information and guidance on the current functionality of an organisation. BI incorporates trending market forecasting and uses it to make informed decisions designed to streamline a company’s efforts and resources.

Business Intelligence Administrator

Business intelligence administrators are responsible for researching and organizing business intelligence data for their organizations, as well as administrating vital business information regarding infrastructure, systems design, software, and other equipment. They manage important software for businesses, such as databases and digital reporting systems.

Business Intelligence Consultant

Business Intelligence consultants examine company data to improve its efficiency, decision making, and overall performance. More and more businesses have turned to data analytics software to streamline their processes and have hard numbers back up company decisions and goals.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Lead

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Leads work within the finance department to engage with the technical teams to refine data requirements, extending to data analysis, reporting, and visualisation, as well as questioning what new data sources may the business need to look at internally and connect the dots.

Director of Business Intelligence

Director of Business Intelligence directs a business intelligence group managing everyone who works underneath them. Oversees the planning and data – working with other departments. They identify and generate potential business intelligence opportunities.

Business Intelligence Reporting Analyst

Business Intelligence Reporting Analyst work as part of a wider projects team. Day-to-day you will be gathering requirements, building reports, and helping map out their future reporting requirements. Responsibilities include identifying data and reporting requirements with end users. Testing data and configurating report. Working closely with the Finance Systems Manager and Project Manager to highlight risks and opportunities within the project plan.

Business Intelligence Systems Manager

Business Intelligence Systems Manager focuses on the responsibility of the management and maintenance of systems from report building to user engagement/requirements. Educating business users on how BI and data visualisation can be used and encouraging the cleansing/refining of data to get the desired outputs. Working with large data sets and pulling data from multiple sources. Creating and implementing strategies to expand the use of BI solutions.

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