Contract Recruitment Solutions for Finance & Technology

Contract recruitment

Expertise when you need it

Our unparalleled reach into the contractor market for specialist Finance Technology talent, enables us to select and deploy high calibre, independent consultants for any type of ERP, EPM, Analytics or finance transformation initiative with a near zero response time.

To support our clients’ deployed Cloud and on-premise Finance Systems and wider Enterprise Applications environments, we continually add to and appraise our network of specialist contractors, ensuring we can provide access to best-fit skills and talent when our clients need it.

We have also developed a unique managed services model which our clients can engage to mobilise multi-disciplinary teams of contractors under one umbrella agreement to complement business staff and control consultancy costs on finance transformation and technology implementation initiatives.

By focusing exclusively on business technology and transformation, SystemsAccountants provides talent solutions to streamline your projects. Whether it’s systems integrations or migrations, full scope systems reviews, or embedding new technology, a contract professional reduces reliance on expensive consultancies or vendor services.

We give you instant access to fully vetted and referenced systems specialists who translate your functional finance or operational needs into business applications, process automation, data insight and improved business performance.

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Benefits of contract recruitment

Access to delivery capability

When engaging a contractor, you are benefitting from a specific skill set to complete the project.They bring the expertise and focus to hit the ground running and get the job done.

Project quality assurance

The time pressure of running small or large projects is mostly underestimated, so the addition of highly experienced contractor(s) on the client side of a project will help ensure the project is delivered earlier.

Global reach

We use our proprietary database of over 60,000 financial and ERP software consultants to support client projects anywhere in the world, often at short notice.

Objective, unbiased views

Typically, contractors are not commercially aligned to a software vendor or consultancy, which means impartial, objective and informed advice throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Value for money

Hiring an interim contractor rather than a firm or bundled software service is more cost-effective. Our professional contractors bring deep subject matter expertise and rely on keeping their skills sharp – all to your benefit.

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