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Unit4 ERP (Agresso / Business World) Jobs

Unit4 ERP (Agresso / Business World) was previously known as Agresso Business world (and sometimes abbreviated to just ‘Agresso’ or ‘Unit4’ or ‘Unit4 ERP’) and is a cloud ERP software designed for companies to adapt to business changes and new conditions, markets, software quicker. It streamlines the change process helping to reduce costs and disruption by utilising its cloud technologies to cleverly coordinate analytics, mobile and social assets. By coordinating a wide set of fully integrated business applications, Unit 4 Business World Agresso can minimise disruption and refocus energies and resources on those activities that require it, which increases financial transparency and success, alongside business efficiency.

Finance Systems Directors

As a Finance Systems Director, you’ll bridge the gap between clients and the software system, understanding issues, developing solutions, and explaining limitations. This role will manage the ERP and Financial System department in driving client experience and growth.

Finance Systems Manager

The Finance Systems Manager will initiate and drive continuous improvement in financial reporting and associated systems, processes, and policies. The finance systems manager will support users of finance systems providing specialist knowledge of business systems and processes.

Systems Accountants

The Finance Systems Accountant will lead key workstreams of Implementation including requirements, design, build, test, training, and rollout of the new system. To develop systems and processes to ensure the effective and efficient processing of financial and non-financial data and to further extend the range of management tools and reports used to inform the business.

ERP Project Manager

A ERP Project Manager will lead the implementation projects and rollouts end-to-end. They develop, plan, and implement an ERP system. They also determine how a project is run, set deadlines, assign responsibilities, and monitor progress.

Business Analysts

Business Systems Analysts are dedicated to researching and analysing a company’s IT processes to identify areas for improvement or streamlining. In contrast to a Functional Consultant, BSAs tend to have much more contact on the side of users and will have to communicate directly with management and colleagues around the company.

Finance Systems Administrators/Analysts

A Financial Systems Administrator is a vital cog in a business’s IT department, as They implement the technical strategies designed to overcome the Issues encountered during systems analysis. You’ll work as part of a Team to brainstorm the best scalable workarounds and fixes for Problems great and small. Being able to think creatively is a must!

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