Career map: Your path from NetSuite candidate to NetSuite client

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes Career map: Your path from NetSuite candidate to NetSuite client

More and more, we’re seeing NetSuite propel careers forward. Oracle’s revolutionary technology is the leading ERP solution for modern business. At SuiteWorld 2023, we met experts in NetSuite’s powerful suite of business management tools who are becoming indispensable assets to their organizations. Here we explore what we learned about what sets them apart.


Building a career with NetSuite

“Ultimately the NetSuite jobs market is a candidate-driven market, and it’s one where the most valuable career asset is experience,” says Isabella Romanazzi, Director of NetSuite Recruitment at SystemsAccountants. “The skillsets are particularly transferable from Accounting. We work with many people who have become NetSuite Administrators from a finance background. They have often seized an opportunity to build their experience with the platform organically – a decision that’s set them on the path to success.”

Ideally this experience covers both the back end – technical understanding of the software is key – but also of practical end-user applications. NetSuite consultants work closely with organizations to understand how the technology can help meet their business goals. And to give the guidance businesses want, they need a three-dimensional understanding of the platform and its potential.

Making an early career decision to get this hands-on NetSuite experience can offer professionals a head start, but careers are also built by experts in a separate field coming to the system at a later stage. Doing this can give you a unique value in the jobs market.

“Often we see people transition from their original job into NetSuite,” says Kevin Schaffartzik, Managing Consultant at SystemsAccountants. “The ERP system covers different functions in different ways at different businesses. This means there are Unicorn candidates who combine, for example, experience as a Supply Chain Manager or Financial Controller with NetSuite administration. These unique skillsets can be in very high demand.”

Becoming an active participant in NetSuite user communities and events like SuiteWorld can also add new perspectives for professionals looking to level up their career.


What skills are needed to become a NetSuite specialist?

In businesses where NetSuite manages finance operations, professionals need a deep understanding of accounting principles and financial management. Proficiency managing accounts payable and receivable, inventory management, ledger functions and payroll are also vital for anyone wishing to leverage the tool to improve financial processes.

Nevertheless, the most successful among them are advancing by honing certain key skills.

  • Expertise overseeing full-cycle implementation.
    There’s no substitute for experience when it comes to implementing a platform as comprehensive as NetSuite. Specialists need to be the resident expert – bringing solutions proactively and identifying problems before they arise.
  • Experience in inventory management.
    NetSuite built a reputation as a digital tool for digital business, but the CPG and durable goods sectors have come to appreciate its power. The platform’s ability to bring efficiencies to the management of vast inventories means NetSuite professionals with experience in this area are in increasingly high demand.
  • Strong management of key cross-functional stakeholder relationships.
    Whether implementing NetSuite or administering it post-launch, the ability to communicate, to speak other functions’ languages, means the NetSuite specialist can empower others in the organization to use it to its full potential.
  • Leadership and initiative.
    Being an order-taker simply won’t cut it as a NetSuite professional. This is because while business leadership may know what they want, they’re unlikely to understand the platform in sufficient detail to know how to achieve it. “The NetSuite professional needs to say ‘I understand your intentions, and these are the options I’ve designed as solutions,” says Isabella Romanazzi. “NetSuite Administrators need to be patterns and thought leaders.”


Building a NetSuite team

Assembling a team with NetSuite expertise can be a major strategic advantage for any business. These specialists possess technical proficiency, problem-solving acumen, and the proactive mindsets necessary for success.

One of the most effective ways to get the best out of NetSuite in business is to embed a culture of continuous learning, having experts lead training sessions and equipping team members with best practices and insights into new features.

When it comes to implementation, a NetSuite Implementation Consultant can unlock the platform’s optimal functionality. “This individual can become an extension of your team with your best interest at heart,” Isabella Romanazzi says. “They provide a north star, but also practical help driving the full-cycle project according to timelines.”
As they’re a strategic partner, the earlier you bring them on the better. This can be done without extensive budgetary impact as it’s possible to hire the NetSuite Implementation Consultant on a time and material basis.


Become part of the solution

SuiteWorld 2023 showed us that mastering NetSuite means evolving your skillsets as the platform evolves. It can be a transformative journey for the finance professional, opening doors to thriving careers in any industry they wish to enter.

The ERP platform’s multifaceted capabilities make it a crucial tool for financial professionals seeking to excel in their roles and broaden their career horizons. Specializing in NetSuite not only enhances existing career prospects but also paves the way for leadership roles and entrepreneurial opportunities in finance and beyond.

The platform’s diverse functionalities mean professionals driven enough to learn the tools and stay at the forefront of industry trends can propel their careers to new heights.