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As CFO at SystemsAccountants I wanted to share my story for International Women’s Day 2022 to help #breakthebias.

From my time in High School I was lucky enough to realise what I wanted to do and set my sights on a career in Accountancy.  This started in practice, training under the excellent vocational AAT qualification.  I decided University was not for me and wanted to learn “on the job” and am so glad that I opted for this route as I gained such a strong foundation of knowledge that has helped through my entire career.

I continued my studies and through much hard work and determination, was extremely proud to qualify with ICAEW and continued to work in practice for 13 years.

The Financial crisis of 2008 led to my move into Industry where, as a working Mum, I joined SystemsAccountants as Financial Controller.  The phenomenal growth of the Company into an International Group and the support and mentoring of the leadership team has developed me far beyond what I thought I was capable of.

It hasn’t always been easy, now a Mum of two daughters, in a highly demanding position, you often feel that there are lots of plates spinning but the reward of recognition and respect, both at home and in the workplace, make it worthwhile.  It’s very important to me to be a positive role model for my girls and to show them they can achieve anything that they want to.

You learn it’s OK to ask for help, to get things wrong, to delegate, to grow a strong support network but most importantly, to have the confidence to trust in yourself.

I have been very fortunate to work for a Company that is like another family, that values the skill sets of each individual, promotes a positive working environment and provides enough flexibility to keep all those plates spinning!  I am also privileged to now be in a position to develop and support other Women who are forging their careers, they can do it, just like I did, and so can you.

Let’s keep shouting about our success. You don’t have to be pretend to be anything different from who you are, have confidence in yourself and enjoy it.

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