The most sought-after skills for the ultimate NetSuite hire

Estimated reading time: 1 minute The most sought-after skills for the ultimate NetSuite hire

There’s a reason more organizations are adopting NetSuite. The system brings game-changing efficiency, insight, and operational control to businesses. But for all its merits, it requires specialist skills to extract its full potential, and these skills are highly valued in the market. As the platform scales along with its clients, so does the ecosystem that underpins it, meaning the abilities required to guide businesses through implementation and beyond will be more in demand:

  • Managing key stakeholder relationships across functions.
    NetSuite professionals need to be efficient, clear, motivational communicators, and to speak other functions’ languages. The ERP system can touch multiple business operations, and the consultant needs to understand their objectives to have them pulling in the same direction.
  • Inventory management.
    NetSuite originally came to market supporting SaaS and other service providers, but as it expands in the retail and consumer goods sector, inventory management skills are increasingly prized.
  • Leadership and initiative.
    NetSuite professionals should proactively design solutions based on business objectives, rather than simply execute instructions. Organizations often don’t know what they don’t know, so find expert guidance especially valuable.
  • Overseeing full-cycle implementation.
    As more companies enter the NetSuite ecosystem, they are searching for specialists in its implementation. Professionals should take a consultative approach, using their knowledge to identify and prevent pain points before they arise.

“Ultimately, NetSuite is the central nervous system of the organizations that use it, and will only become more embedded, insulating it from market instability. This means the skills needed to operate it are set to increase in value.”
Isabella Romanazzi, Director of NetSuite Recruitment at SystemsAccountants

For businesses working with NetSuite, a specialist can unlock the platform’s full potential. Hiring the right person for this role can be a challenge, but once they’re on board they can optimize how the organization uses the system, and guide you to adopt the functionality you need.

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