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Finding an Agresso Systems Manager to manage a more diverse business

Established in 2006, Caviar is a production company with offices in Brussels, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, London and Prague. Caviar employs hundreds of full-time staff and engages hundreds more top-notch freelance talent. The business spans branded content, film, TV, music videos and digital production.

The challenge:

Back in 2012, as the business started to expand in to new areas, such as digital, Caviar’s Finance and IT leadership team concluded a business case to implement an ERP solution to provide a platform to manage a more diverse business. They selected Unit4’s Business World (Agresso) solution, and this was first implemented in the European operations, before being rolled out to the US. As the North American business grew in size and complexity, it became apparent that a full time Agresso Systems Manager would be required to provide on-site support and development.

The solution:

Caviar’s Finance team approached SystemsAccountants, North America’s only Unit4 focused Recruitment and Interim Consultancy specialist, to find a Financial Systems Manager with deep Agresso expertise.

The outcome:

The US market for Unit4 Business World resources is extremely finite, and it soon became apparent that SystemsAccountants would not be able to find a broad enough pool of appropriately-skilled candidates by restricting the search to Los Angeles and the West Coast.

Consequentially we widened the campaign to encompass candidates from within our entire known US Agresso network. Via a staged selection process, Caviar hired and relocated an Agresso specialist with strong functional and technical knowledge of the application, and experience of supporting and optimizsing Business World in both an end user and consulting capacity.

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