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Integrating Dynamics 365 ERP solutions

Sciensus is the leading specialty pharmacy in Europe. They sit at the intersection of patients and medicine. Using our 70 million patient interactions to uncover data and insight about what makes medicines successful. They use this to deploy innovative healthcare solutions for patients with long term conditions, rare diseases and cancer. For 30 years they have supported patients across the UK, Switzerland and Europe to access the life-changing treatment they need.


In the summer of 2018, Sciensus (formerly Healthcare at Home) initiated a comprehensive digital transformation program aimed at revamping its enterprise-wide operations. One of the core requirements for this transformation was the selection and implementation of a new ERP/CRM system that would serve as the backbone of the entire project. However, Sciences faced the challenge of sourcing specialised project resources to support the implementation of the chosen solution, Microsoft D365 F&O/CE. They needed skilled professionals in areas such as Solutions Architecture, Data Migration, Change and Communication, Deployment, and PMO to ensure the success of this complex endeavour.


To address the resource gap and ensure the seamless execution of their digital transformation program, Sciensus partnered with SystemsAccountants in November 2018. SystemsAccountants was engaged to provide a range of contract resources with expertise in various critical domains, including Solutions Architecture, Data Migration, Change and Communication, Deployment, and PMO. These professionals would play a vital role in implementing and fine-tuning the D365 F&O/CE platform and supporting the broader transformation journey.
As Sciensus progressed with its digital transformation program, SystemsAccountants also assisted in the recruitment of senior permanent hires for key positions related to Change and Communications, Routing Optimisation, and Networks and Infrastructure, bolstering the internal team with the necessary expertise.


The collaboration with SystemsAccountants proved to be invaluable for Sciensus throughout its digital transformation journey. By leveraging the expertise and experience of the specialised resources provided, Sciensus was able to implement the Microsoft D365 F&O/CE platform efficiently and effectively. The support from SystemsAccountants extended to meeting specific requirements, even at short notice, which was crucial in a project of this magnitude.

The outcome was a successful digital transformation that streamlined operations, enhanced customer experiences, and positioned Sciensus for future growth and innovation. By choosing the right ERP/CRM system and partnering with a reliable recruitment partner, Sciensus achieved its objectives in a timely manner, all while maintaining high standards of quality.
In conclusion, Sciensus’s collaboration with SystemsAccountants demonstrated the importance of choosing a dependable recruitment partner in complex and ambitious projects like digital transformations. The trustworthiness, efficiency, and high-calibre resources provided by SystemsAccountants made it possible for Sciensus to recommend them without hesitation to other organisations embarking on similar journeys of transformation and seeking expert support for their critical resource needs. This case study serves as a testament to the benefits of strategic partnerships in achieving digital transformation success.

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