EIPC - SystemsAccountants


SunSystems consultancy to deliver end-user training

EIPC is a not for profit organisation owned by SUBWAY franchises in Europe providing a centralised procurement unit for all SUBWAY franchises.

The challenge:

EIPC decided to upgrade their ledger systems to Infor10/v6 and to use Infor UK to implement the application. After initial issues with availability of Infor UK Consultants, EIPC contacted SystemsAccountants to provide a SunSystems expert to deliver the end user training prior to go live.

The outcome:

After delivering exceptional training to the users, EIPC decided to extend the consultant’s contract for them to complete the Infor10/v6 implementation. During the later stages of the project, EIPC decided to recruit an additional SunSystems Consultant through SystemsAccountants to help with the go live and post go live support.

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