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BlackLine is a software company that specializes in providing financial automation and accounting solutions for businesses and organisations. Founded in 2001, BlackLine offers cloud-based software designed to streamline and automate various accounting and finance processes, helping companies improve their financial close, reconciliation, and reporting processes.

BlackLine’s software aims to modernise and streamline financial and accounting processes, ultimately leading to increased accuracy, efficiency, and compliance in financial operations for businesses of all sizes.

We assist clients with system implementations, management, upgrades, administration, and optimisation/development of their Blackline system. This can be through independent day rate contractors with defined deliverables, a fixed term contract employee or a permanent employee who sit within the business managing projects and support.

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If you’re looking for Blackline specialists, or hybrids of Finance and Technology talent to join your team on a permanent or contract basis then get in touch.

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If you are looking for Blackline systems specialists, or hybrids of finance and technology talent to join your team then let’s connect. We want to hear about your challenges, share successful experiences from our other clients and explore how we can help you.

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