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Estimated reading time: 1 minute Partner Event - Transforming your finance organisation toward the cloud

Adopting a cloud service strategy is the new standard for most finance organisations, but there remains more companies who still need make this transition than those who have successfully made the switch. The number of cloud solutions available has expanded in recent years so it is now normal to compare several to find the best for your business. With this in mind we asked Andre Secrest, the Finance Director of Atlas Professionals who has led their roll-out of Workday Financials, Planning and HCM to share his experiences with us.

Andre led the transformation of the global finance organisation and the selection of Workday was a big enabler to the success of this challenge. Much of this programme was delivered during the Covid-19 pandemic andfollowing go-live it was quickly evident howthe platform was having a positive impact. The original drivers were fairly common and fundamental in that the old Finance System could not provide the accurate information Atlas required for business decision making.Additionally they needed some form of financial reporting in place to support the difficult decision many businesses facedduring the pandemic.

There was an additional presentation from Workday where we have asked them to give an overview of their Finance platform and a short product demo

Afterwards there was time to network with the group and consultants were available to help with any questions.