Finance Transformation Jobs - Consultants, Managers, Analysts

Finance Transformation Jobs

Finance transformation refers to the effort to align an organisation’s finance team’s priorities and outputs with business development and growth. It aims to create a finance structure that is able to produce data that can influence better business decisions.

Finance Transformation Manager

As Finance Transformation Manager, you will be responsible for managing and executing a number of key projects including transition, development and implementation of global processes. Engage CFOs to help establish their vision and pursue their Finance Transformation journey.

Finance Business Analyst

Finance Business Analysts are dedicated to researching and analysing a company’s IT processes to identify areas for improvement or streamlining. In contrast to a Functional Consultant, BAs tend to have much more contact on the side of users and will have to communicate directly with management and colleagues around the company.

Finance Change Lead

Finance Change Leads provide change management support including communications delivery to the global business Finance community and be a key part of the central programme team that will be deploying the overall Change Management and Training Strategy for the integration.

Data Migration Consultant

A Data migration consultant will manage the process of moving data from one location to another, one format to another, or one application to another. They assist in designing, planning and managing the data migration process. Data migration consultant own the quality of the migrated data and the validity of the migration processes and operation.

Cutover Manager

Cutover Manager is the Manager decisions that require significant change to program outcomes or timeframes or are likely to escalate. This role is fully accountable for the delivery of work assignments on time and to expectations in terms of quality, deliverables and outcomes.

Test Analyst

Testing Analyst ensures the functional readiness of computer software and hardware products before they go to market. Their job is to design, develop and administer a series of tests and evaluations that identify any potential issues with the product before its general release.

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