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Hyperion Consultant

Job overview

Hyperion consultant is a specialist who helps organisations leverage Oracle Hyperion software to improve financial management and business performance. They work on system implementation, customisation, data management, training, and ongoing support, with a focus on optimising financial planning and analysis processes. Their expertise is critical for organisations seeking to make informed financial decisions and enhance their financial performance.

Hyperion Consultant are required to assist on the implementation and roll out of Hyperion to a variety of clients across multiple sectors. They are responsible for understanding the business processes of the organisation they are working with and customising the software to match the needs of the organisation. Hyperion Consultants translate the company’s requirements into technical tasks that a developer can implement.

They may also provide training to end users and help ensure that the software is used to its full potential. Hyperion Consultants must have an in-depth knowledge of the software’s functionality and the ability to troubleshoot any issues that may arise, as well as developing solutions and explaining limitations.

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