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Cognos TM1 Finance Systems Manager

Job overview

A Cognos TM1 Finance Systems Manager is a professional responsible for overseeing and managing the financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting systems within an organisation, specifically those powered by IBM Cognos TM1. Their role is to ensure that these systems meet the organisation’s financial analysis and reporting needs while optimising performance and data accuracy. Cognos TM1 Finance Systems Managers play a critical role in ensuring that financial systems align with an organisation’s strategic goals and comply with regulatory requirements.

They work at the intersection of finance, technology, and business operations, helping organisations make informed financial decisions and drive success. Cognos TM1 Finance Systems Managers must possess a comprehensive understanding of financial software as well as strong project management skills.

They will manage system maintenance, changes and enhancement. They must also possess excellent communication, organisational and problem-solving skills to successfully manage the company’s financial systems. Cognos TM1 Finance Systems Managers will configure, maintain and modify Cognos TM1 lists, modules, dashboards, actions and other model settings.

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