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Power BI Systems Analyst

Job overview

Power BI Systems Analysts are responsible for analysing business process and requirements, designing and developing Power BI solutions to solve business problems, and providing ongoing support and maintenance of Power BI applications. They will collaborate with FP&A systems team on developing new & existing models in Power BI. Power BI Systems Analysts become the inhouse Systems analyst of the Power BI ERP, they maintain the system from a support and project perspective. Power BI Systems Analysts are responsible for ensuring that Power BI applications are integrated properly with other applications and that data is accurately transferred between systems.

They must ensure that applications are secure, and that data is protected from unauthorised access. Power BI Systems Analysts must also be able to troubleshoot and correct any problems that arise in applications. They must be able to develop detailed system specifications and design solutions to meet those needs, as well as documenting, testing, and debugging applications, along with providing support and maintenance.

Power BI Systems Analysts play an important role in the success of an organisation’s business operations. They are expected to be knowledgeable in all aspects of Power BI they will support, administer and maintain the Power BI application.

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